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It’s LGBTI Project to Make Rainbow Painting!

The “rainbow” designs of those who supported “Stay At Home” calls due to the coronavirus epidemic made LGBTI+ targets. We learned that some school heads had received the message “Rainbow is an LGBTI project; do not support these perverts”. Mahmut Sümbül, branch president of Eğitim-Sen Mersin, confirmed the message and …

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Coronavirus Spread Due to Gay Marriages!

Iraqi Minister Mukteda Sadr , one of the most influential figures in Iraqi politics, rejected science and blamed the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus for gay marriages. Sadr criticizes both Iraq and the whole world. Iraqi Minister Mukteda Sadr has been criticized for accusing countries of the coronavirus epidemic that …

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Gay Interview

Is Hiv-Aids A Gay Disease?

The story of Barış and Yağız started 4.5 years ago with a few sincere words that were leaned against the door in limited words on social media and half the night with Yağız … love, homosexuality, family life with Barış and Yağız who did it are still in love with …

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lgbt movies

LGBTI+ Themed Movies & Documentaries

I wanted to collect the list and put it on the computer for a long time. Though I am not in quarantine, I am commuting to work and a few hours of external activities have been suspended. Anyway, if we find more movies, I will add and update them. There …

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