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Gay Life Guide

1-Turn your love for men into art. Where did Michelangelo’s “David” come from? 2-If people don’t like you just because you’re a balloon, that’s their problem. Don’t let them solve your problem. 3-Take an AIDS activist with you for dinner. 4- Become a good uncle. Every child needs an exemplary ball model. 5-Never iron your underwear. The thoroughness also has a limit. 6-Be careful with people who think you have

Young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex Association

Young Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Intersex Youth Study and Solidarity Association (short name Young LGBTI + Association)  was founded in Izmir, Turkey  to investigate young people’s problems, ask these questions, propose solutions and open spaces where LGBTI + youth can express themselves , The following information comes from the association’s website … Studies on the right to access to basic needs such as housing, education and health, youth rights, sexual

Burning gay puppets in Croatia sparked controversy

During a weekend festival in the small town of Imotski, in the south of Croatia, a model representing homosexuals was burned in front of hundreds of people. Funeral music was playing in the background while the model in which the two men hugged was on fire and the crowd made cheerful noises. The incident occurred a week ago after the Croatian Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex couples could participate in

Rainbow Tattoos

How about reflecting the rainbow in your heart outside? There are many types of tattoos preferred by lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex. You should definitely study these awesome artwork tattoos. These tattoos are almost another way of saying, “There are no gay screams.” This article can encourage you to get a tattoo.  

Homophobia is now a crime İn Switzerland

The first results were announced in a referendum asking whether the law on hate crimes in Switzerland had been extended and whether homophobia was sanctioned or not. According to this, 62 percent of the votes in favor came from legal regulations, which include discrimination and homophobia from a sexual point of view in the area of ​​crime. The Swiss Parliament decides to expand existing laws prohibiting racial discrimination and commits