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Taiwan is The First Asian Country to Legalize Gay Marriage

The Taiwanese parliament has accepted the legalization of same-sex marriages, and Taiwan was the first Asian country to take this step. In 2017, the country’s constitutional court ruled that gay couples had the right to marry and gave Parliament two years to make this decision. After discussing three different bills to legalize gay associations in Parliament before the end of May 24, the government’s most advanced bill has been submitted

One of the 14 Marriages in Germany was Gay Marriage

Since October 2017, when gay marriage was legalized, 33,000 gay couples were married in Germany at the end of 2018. One in every 14 marriages in the country took place between gay couples. The German statistical authority announced that in the 15 months from October 1, 2017 until the end of 2018, when marriage between homosexual couples was legalized in Germany, approximately 33,000 homosexual couples were married. One of the

Campaign Video Against Sexism from the Advertisers Association

The video of the Advertisers Association, which attracted attention to sexism in advertisements, went viral on social media. “A woman passes through places called impassable with the off-road vehicle” “A man comes from stubborn stains”   Reklam, algıları değiştirmek ve cinsiyet eşitsizliğini dönüştürmek adına en güçlü kaynaktır. Yeni kampanyamız «Reklamlar Değişir Toplum Değişir» sloganı ile İstanbul Ankara ve İzmir’de Açıkhava’da.#ReklamlarDeğişirToplumDeğişir #ReklamdaToplumsalCinsiyetEşitliği #RVD pic.twitter.com/SWayvMlVKU — RVD (@RVDernegi) January 20, 2020 The

LGBT Characters in Tv & Cinema

There is a remarkable change in the tv and cinema, which started for the first time in 1969 with the Stonewall uprising and which is celebrated around the world every year in June to celebrate homosexuality. Especially in recent years, criticism of racism and sexism in the cinema, which has attracted the attention of Hollywood names including Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Raddcliffe, is paying off. Films and television productions, starring

Pink Life Queer Film Festival Program

The festival, which will start on 23 January, includes many events, from TERF event to LGBTI + archiving, to stories from queer players. KuirFest, which will take place between 23-26 January, will meet its audience this year with enjoyable activities. The program, which will have a total of 7 events, includes many different topics, from the TERF event to LGBTI + archiving, to the stories that turn into the meeting