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Transsexual Flag

What is a transsexual, what is not?

Transsexual syndrome is a congenital disease that is treated by university clinics around the world. It is a physical (organic) disease that is reflected in the mother’s fertility. In all mammals, the original sex of the offspring is the female. During the second month of development in the womb, the …

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Gay initiative from IKEA

IKEA has supported gay couples and same-sex marriages by stating in their ad in the United States, “All the houses are the same.” According to News, IKEA, the furniture and appliance giant, spoke of the words “All people are equal” and said, “All houses are the same” in the US …

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Homophobia in Turkey

Turkey, One of The Most Homophobic Countries Against LGBT

Association to combat child abuse and neglect: Everyone has the right to live their life the way they want. The Association to Combat Child Abuse and Neglect, which confirmed that the march of honor was valued differently by different social classes, conducted a study to see LGBTIs from their own …

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Marriage Equality

She Changed Her Mind About Marriage Equality

CDU President and Federal Defense Minister Annegret Crump Carrenbauer, who announced in 2015 that she was against marriage equality, has changed his mind. Carrenbauer said at an event organized by the Gay Association initiative as part of the CDU: “Getting married is not a problem for me and everyone. Everyone …

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This Procedure Can Help Trans Men “One Day”.

A 36-year-old man who was born testicular in Belgrade received a testicular transplant from his twin brother to help his body produce his own testosterone and sperm. Both of them now have a testicle and the recipient’s testosterone level is normal. Doctors say that in such third surgeries around the …

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Gay Friendly Safest Countries For LGBT Travelers

Attitudes towards lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender travelers (LGBT) around the world can vary widely in many countries. However, if you prepare well and research your destination before you go, you won’t have any problems. 1. NORWAY Norway ranks first among the countries that grant everyone the same rights. Nature …

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Relationships Between Gay Couples Can Be Stronger

According to a new study, two thirds of gay couples who adopt pets, especially dogs and cats, have a closer relationship. The study examined lap dogs and their owners’ romantic relationships. He found that 56% of couples with dogs spend more time together. “Having a dog is like raising a …

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Roby Rose

LGBT People Must Not Be Invisible In The Media

Ruby Rose has highlighted the importance of LGBT people in the media in supporting young people at the GLAAD Media Awards. During her acceptance speech for the Stephen F Kolzak Award, Rose said she knows too well the sense of yearning young people have for characters they can relate to …

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Tv Channel

UK’s First LGBT TV Channel Starts Broadcasting

Britain’s leading LGBT + television channel starts broadcasting. The channel will be available in the Greater Brighton area via Freeview 7 and Virgin Media 159 next month Britain’s leading LGBT + news and entertainment broadcaster starts broadcasting. The channel will be available in the Greater Brighton area via Freeview 7 …

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