European Court ends forced sterilizations of trans people

STRASBOURG, France — Thursday, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that requiring sterilization of individuals seeking a change in their legal gender recognition violates human rights. Twenty two countries in Europe currently still require sterilization to access gender identity recognition, however this decision mandates that these countries amend their laws to reflect this positive ruling. While forced sterilization has been deemed a human rights violation, the EU Court upheld that medical

Parents of LGBT children form a support group in Mumbai, India

MUMBAI, India — For the first time ever 10 parents of LGBTQ persons came together in Mumbai, India for a closed door parents’ support group workshop that aimed to share experiences and also chart out a future course of action. Organized by Solaris Pictures, as part of its ongoing engagement with LGBT community and parents, for its upcoming feature film Evening Shadows directed by Sridhar Rangayan, the workshop was structured and moderated

Northern Ireland Marriage Equality launches large scale social media campaign

NORTHERN IRELAND — The YesEquality Northern Ireland Marriage Equality campaign launched a large scale social media campaign action today. The campaign is primarily supported by Northern Ireland based The Gay Say, LGBT Rights NI and the international anti-homophobia and suicide prevention group The campaign has amassed huge amounts of support from individuals, celebrities, activist groups, charities, campaigners and businesses located across NI and throughout the world. The social media

UK health care organizations unite against conversion therapy

Major U.K. organizations have been working against Conversion Therapy for a number of years, publishing a Memorandum of Understanding against the practice (2015) and updating the document to warn against conversion therapy in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation (including asexuality). Aware of concerns regarding the future of Conversion Therapy in the USA, and pleased that Malta has banned the practice and that Taiwan has drafted legislation to ban

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the world’s least tolerant countries when it comes to homosexuality. Being gay is illegal in the Islamic republic and carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. Gay men are often accused of bringing shame to their families and commonly face violence – sometimes even murder. Gay-focused apps like Grindr, Scruff, and ManJam. VICE News went to Pakistan to unravel the country’s underground gay

Tanzania bans HIV/AIDS outreach programs that serve LGBT people

Tanzania has banned HIV/AIDS outreach programs in the latest in the country’s discriminatory laws against the LGBT community. Out reports that this ban comes just months after Justice Minister Harrison Mwakyembe announced a plan to end pro-LGBT charities. Health Minister Ummy Mwalimu also announced a ban on personal lubricants because it “encourages homosexuality.” The Washington Post reported that Tanzania’s actions appear to mark the first time that a country has

Transsexual life in jail and on the street

More than one-third of transsexuals inmates in US jails and prisons report sexual assault. When the San Francisco sheriff announced a plan to implement changes for transsexual people in the county jail, film-maker Nick Leader went out to meet the inmates who would benefit. What people have been in a community of. Video Date: 2016-03-30 11:30:00 Video Duration: 00:08:53

Gay Couple Come Out On Television

A gay couple have taken to the Italia’s Got Talent stage to come out to their fathers while showcasing a contemporary dance that has moved all four judges. Roberto and Umberto told judges that they had come out to their mothers already but their fathers did not know their true sexuality. They went on to explain they had been dance partners for two years and until now had only felt

Lesbian fitness guru Jillian Michaels proposes to her longtime girlfriend

Fitness guru and reality TV star, Jillian Michaels is getting married, finally! The star of her show Just Jillian, which takes a look inside the ‘uber-successful celebrity’s’ life, proposed to her longtime girlfriend Heidi Rhodes on the final episode of her series. Michaels put together a highly emotional video which showed the couples life together including their two children Lukensia, 5, and Phoenix, 3. As part of the video Michaels

‘Hang in there’: Labor MP Tim Watts tells LGBT youth that change is coming

Labor MP Tim Watts has told LGBT youth that change is coming and to “hang in there”. Speaking in the House of Representatives, Watts took to the box to say the past two weeks have been “depressing”. “After a particularly depressing fortnight spent debating the merits of the Safe Schools anti-homophobic bullying program in this place, I’d like to tell any young LGBTI Australians out there listening not to despair,”