Gay Life Guide
Gay Life Guide

Gay Life Guide

1-Turn your love for men into art. Where did Michelangelo’s “David” come from?
2-If people don’t like you just because you’re a balloon, that’s their problem. Don’t let them solve your problem.
3-Take an AIDS activist with you for dinner.
4- Become a good uncle. Every child needs an exemplary ball model.
5-Never iron your underwear. The thoroughness also has a limit.
6-Be careful with people who think you have a ball because you can’t find the right woman.
7-Especially for those who think they can be the right woman.
8-If someone assumes that you are straight, you do not have to say anything else. You have the choice.
9-Before criticizing the extravagant balls or transvestites that seem too feminine, consider where we will be today without them.
10- Being a 10-ball man doesn’t mean ignoring the opposite sex. Let women come into your life.
11-Know that laughing at you and your community is good. Treat humor.
12-Find examples of people with a relationship you dream of and take them as examples. Relatives, friends, media, etc.
13-The following is a homophobic equation: gay = sick, lonely, unhappy. Challenge math.
14-Always have your card in your wallet. We don’t know when you will meet Mr. Right.
15-Know that Mr. Right doesn’t exist. The balls waiting for Mr. Right are often left alone.
16-If you think the government isn’t doing enough to fight AIDS, make sure you do it yourself.
17-We grew up against us with heterosexuality as a weapon. Keep the size. Use your sexuality against heterosexual people.
18-year-olds often feel uncomfortable when they show our love in public. Do not censor your behavior based on your own insecurities. But always be respectful.
19-When you say “I love you” to a man, you think that he could be someone who doesn’t deserve his love.
20-Don’t worry about who paid what during an appointment. If she wants to pay for both of you, thank you. But don’t think you should lick your plate for that. If you pay for both, don’t expect anything in return.
21-When hugging someone, wait for them to stop first. If not, it can be the beginning of something beautiful.
22-For most people (ball or straight), sex is a special activity. Guide people to their sexuality, not their sexual activity.
23-When you feel safe, hold hands or kiss in public. It’s kind of activism to honestly express your love, not your sexual activity.
24-smoking cessation. Smoking makes erection difficult and reduces the amount of semen. HIV smokers become AIDS twice as quickly as non-smokers. And many tobacco companies make a lot of money on homophobes like Jesse Helms, and there are better things to eat than cigarettes! …
25- Use 25 alternately. Excluded: condoms, lovers, oral health devices.
26-Live your imagination.
27-Don’t try to seduce a straight man. If he doesn’t ask him.
28-Wear 28-501 without underwear. (This is known as “freeballing”.)
29-Learn to laugh at verbal abuse and insults.
30-Get tested for HIV. Knowledge means equal power.
31-Learn first aid.
32-If you choose a monogamous life, you know that it will be difficult to make sex life exciting, but it can be done.
33-Don’t give up your rights, don’t accept the rights of others.
34-The rights of homosexuals are your rights. Do your best to support and create them.
35-Don’t be ashamed when you buy a condom.
36-Bring your friends to the gay community. Invite them to club meetings, art events, and charities. This also applies to your heterosexual friends.
37-Write love letters to the man you love, even if you live together.
38-Don’t discriminate against heterosexuals.
39-Always help someone. We all need advice until society changes.
40-Think carefully before you let your loved one move in – no, three times! –
41-Learn from the mistakes of 41 heterosexual men in the 1970s. Do not confuse masculinity with macology.
42-If you have a certain type, at least once with someone who is not.
43-Be comert for charity. If you don’t have enough money or income to give (even if you have), give yourself time. An hour with someone with AIDS can be invaluable to him and her.


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