Homophobia is now a crime İn Switzerland

The first results were announced in a referendum asking whether the law on hate crimes in Switzerland had been extended and whether homophobia was sanctioned or not.

According to this, 62 percent of the votes in favor came from legal regulations, which include discrimination and homophobia from a sexual point of view in the area of ​​crime.

The Swiss Parliament decides to expand existing laws prohibiting racial discrimination and commits hatred, discrimination or provocation against people on the basis of sexual orientation.

Pre-referendum surveys showed that the anti-homophobia law had found great support despite opponents who believed it would violate freedom of expression.

It should be noted that the result is the victory of the gay community in Switzerland.

Before the referendum, it was indicated that the race was face to face and that a support rate of more than 60% was difficult.

The result on Sunday showed that the public is more sensitive to discrimination than expected.

Some religious groups have rejected the bill.

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