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Is Hiv-Aids A Gay Disease?

The story of Barış and Yağız started 4.5 years ago with a few sincere words that were leaned against the door in limited words on social media and half the night with Yağız … love, homosexuality, family life with Barış and Yağız who did it are still in love with each other like in a nutshell, we talked about the HIV tools that are reflected as a curse of gay people, in short, everything that is against the brain of society.

When did you notice that you were gay?

Barış: I was in middle school, I liked a child in our class, I was constantly trying to connect with him, talk and even play.

Yağız: Actually, I’ve always known it since my age. I started accepting in high school and started breathing easier.

Does your family know your sexual orientation?

Tempo: No, they don’t know. My mother feels that she cannot.

Yagiz: Yes

Are you like that because your father is not interested in you?

Barış: It had nothing to do with a very relevant father.

Yağız: On the contrary, I have a very worried father.

“My classmates were bothered in the locker room”

Were you abused as a child?

Barış: I don’t know if it’s considered sexual harassment, but I was under a lot of mutual pressure. For example, when I was in fourth grade, my classmates were reunited and harassed during the gym class.

Yagiz: No.

Is homosexuality an illness?

Barış: I think that those who think this is an illness should not be treated in any case.

Yağız: It seems silly to talk about it in the 21st century. Nation has started building a base in space and we are still working on what to do.

“I liked the male dimension after being with women”

Did you get gay because you couldn’t be with women?

Barış: I’m just laughing at it.

Yağız: Even if I find this homophobic question, I share the pride in understanding that I love the male body after being with women.

Would you like to hear your dating story?

Barış: Here is the best place. I came back from the house party with friends over the weekend and when I got bored, I looked at the application called Hornet. When I leafed through the application, I suddenly met him, I was strange and I said I had to write. He answered quickly and invited me to my house when I found harmony in the speeches. He was at the front door at four in the morning. (Laughs) Our relationship started the next morning.

Yağız: I agree with what you say, of course it was 4.5 years ago.

How did you choose to be a lover?

Barış: I think we started dating the next day. It took a month to be a lover. Compared to my previous relationships, I decided that he was the right person.

Yağız: I might have decided the next day. Because his eyes, mood, appearance and attitude were very sincere with me.

Who knows your relationship around you?

Peace: All of our friends know that.

Yağız: My mother, my grandmother, my brother, my aunt, my friends and everyone who knows me.

How do your gay friends react to your relationship?

Peace: I am jealous. Since the language is simple for 4.5 years, many people around us want it, but have problems understanding it.

Yağız: Whether gay or straight, it doesn’t matter at all, my relationship and I live. Yes, I think it’s an eye, but I don’t care how others see my relationship.

Do gays fall in love or is it just sex?

Peace: Without love, I couldn’t have endured the same person for 4.5 years.

Yağız: Something that should be sex is present in all areas of this life. You can’t think of love or sex other than sex. It should be natural, it seems to me. But as far as I can see, everybody screams sex as sex today and then cries.

“I cheated because I wanted revenge”

Did you betray each other during your relationship?

Pace: Yes, it happened very early. It wasn’t sensual, but it didn’t go beyond the conversation.

Yağız: Since I wanted to take revenge, I entered a test method, yes. We actually fought each other.

Has your love waned after having sex with a third person?

Barış – Yağız: The third person never happened.

Why do gays insist on marriage?

Barış: We do not insist, but I would say no, we are already in our thoughts.

Yağız: Acquired rights have always existed and will exist. Maybe not today, but one day life in an equal, fair and free world will not remain as a utopia.

Can you see at a glance that someone is gay?

Barış: Yes, I understand immediately.

Yağız: He never escapes from 12!

Are you gay from altruism?

Peace: As if there is such a thing in the new generation, efforts to be different, to create an agenda …

Yağız: He is not gay, he was born.

Do you know the risk of infection in the relationships you have entered into?

Barış – Yağız: Yes

Why does the community know about HIV AIDS as a gay disease?

Peace: Ignorance is only because homosexuality is already considered a “fool” in society. This is perceived in the event of illness.

Yağız: I agree with what you are saying and I just want to add something. Society needs to be educated about these and similar issues, some things to start in elementary school. For example, today’s disease is the coronavirus. As long as the world exists, as long as mankind exists, diseases will appear, each period will be given a name and a part will be charged.

How do homosexuals react to people with HIV AIDS?

Barış: I also saw a lot of people who defamed each other, slandered one another and did so only for reasons of ego and for bed relationships.

Yağız: So I didn’t come across anything like that, but we’re already living in a small society with a struggle, and there shouldn’t be time to devote ourselves to exclusive attitudes.

Do you get regular tests?

Barış – Yağız: Yes

Interview: Murat Fırat

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