It’s LGBTI Project to Make Rainbow Painting!

The “rainbow” designs of those who supported “Stay At Home” calls due to the coronavirus epidemic made LGBTI+ targets. We learned that some school heads had received the message “Rainbow is an LGBTI project; do not support these perverts”.

Mahmut Sümbül, branch president of Eğitim-Sen Mersin, confirmed the message and said that he had been informed of the news by informing certain teachers. Sümbül said he learned that the message had been sent by the National Directorate of National Education.

The message was sent by the WhatsApp group “official school principals”.

In the message: “With a message that has recently spread, our children are invited to make a rainbow image on a paper and stick it on the windows. The educational community is also affected by this trend. is in charge of Parents sent by Whatsapp. This is an LGBTI “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex project. Rainbow is their symbol. A foreword to their May Pride March “Don’t let our teachers and kids be part of this project. Do not take care of LGBTI perverts. ”

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The Eğitim-Sen Mersin branch made a statement on the subject, saying that a rainbow drawing project had been launched for children who had to close their homes on quarantine days due to a coronavirus, and a an attempt had been made to prevent the project by “dirty mentalities”.

The statement said: “After this appeal is made on social media, an attempt is made to prevent the activities of the #evdekal appeal by sharing children’s rainbow designs from windows across mindsets. We condemn their efforts to make a difference, as a perversion and at the same time bring solidarity with colors and art in the world of children. “

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